Every year we get together and discuss the current fashion forecast. This year was no exception!

Here’s what some of Team Nylon had to say.

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Kelly: High waists and the BOB

As waistlines creep up higher long flowing hair is being cut shorter, to keep the body balanced. Short shoulder length bobs that can be versatile in their styling either curly straight or a combo of both are where it’s at right now.

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Sara: 70s
Trench coat is a fashion must have for this Winter. Great news… the 70’s are making a come back!!! Watch out for fringes, tassels, belted jumpsuits and lots of FLOWER POWER! The pants have high waists and wide legs, and look fabulous teamed with big hats.





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Jo: Texture
As we approach the cooler months our fashion is becoming highly textured. We will see faux fur, wool, leather, and beautiful textured fabrics – often a mix of all in the one garment. This directs what we do with hair. Hair will be softly textured to keep the balance. We will see subtle hues of light and depth in beautiful soft warm autumn chocolaty colours and cooler crisp tones to create movement and interest. Hair will be styled with a combination of curl and smoothness with either a classic feel or edginess.


We had a great time being on the ‘other side of the camera’ for a change! Here are a few behind the scenes shots.

The final shots will go on our website soon.

It's a stylist stick up!

It’s a stylist stick up!




Staple Store

The Staple Store

Guru of inspiration and health, Clinical Naturopath and owner 
of Ripponlea’s very own The Staple Store, Catie Gett has a few wise words and a special offer to share just with Nylon customers.

I have a basic philosophy that what I put on my body, is good enough to eat. Here are some of the things I use as part of my skin glowing routine.

  • Olive oil and black sesame oil as a body moisturiser.
  • French green clay as a full body mask and exfoliant.
  • Baking soda, ANTIOX staple powder and kombucha paste for a brightening and pore tightening facemask.
  • I also drink a lot of kombucha and coconut water to stay hydrated and balance gut flora, to ensure I glow from the inside out.

We stock the full range of Jacqueline Evan’s naturopathic designed organic skincare. Which I totally swear by! Her Argan and Rosehip Facial Moisturiser is the best natural product on the market”

X Catie  

We are super excited to offer Nylon customers 10% off of our 
entire range of Jacqueline Evan's skincare range until end of April 2015
Oh and by the way... 
if you're not already following The Staple Store on social... you are missing out! 
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At Nylon we believe in giving you choices. That’s why we offer a tiered pricing schedule. Here’s how it works.

Team Nylon are diverse and bring a range of different levels of experience to the salon floor. Tiered service pricing reflects the amount of experience the stylist has, as well as the amount of time they have been at Nylon.

Team Nylon

For instance Rita has 18 years experience and has only been at Nylon for 6 months, she is considered a Senior Stylist. Whereas Kelly has been with Nylon and hairdressing for 2 years and is regarded as a Stylist.


If you would like any more clarification on the tiered pricing schedule, please don’t hesitate to ask.

For an extensive list of all Nylon's services and prices please click here.


Densifique Sérum Jeunesse… Hair youth activator for density, volume, shine and manageability.

Densifique Sérum Jeunesse

Densifique Sérum Jeunesse

Kérastase are a long time leader in high quality hair care and Nylon loves every product they create. Their latest release is no exception and we are so excited to be now stocking Densifique Sérum Jeunesse at Nylon Hair.

This amazing youth serum essentially acts as a wrinkle cream for your hair and scalp! Slowing down the greying process and returning hair to its youthful state.

Yes… we intend to bathe in it! Jo has been trialling Densifique Sérum Jeunesse at home and has fallen in love. Amazing visible results already!


“A true youth serum, Densifique Sérum Jeunesse preserves the hair’s capacity for youthfulness and protects the scalp from the oxidative stress that causes melanin loss. The fiber regains its initial youthfulness and glows with supple softness and dazzling volume. In just three months, a new type of density comes to the fore”

Densifique Sérum Jeunesse

Densifique Sérum Jeunesse


For who ?

– Men & Women, even colored hair
– Greying hair
– Thinning hair


Launching this month worldwide. Ask us about it next time you’re in.